What is Merge Madrid?

Merge Madrid will be the preeminent Web3 event globally, bridging Latam and Europe into a single gathering.

Business-oriented and conducted in both English and Spanish, Merge Madrid will offer three days of captivating panels exploring the present and future of Web3, featuring top-tier content from prominent brands and startups spearheading groundbreaking Web3 technologies and initiatives.

It will be held for 3 days (October 8-10th) in Madrid.

What does the ticket include?

All the tickets include the access to the 2-Days Conference, Expo Area, Networking App and Access to the Recorded Event. However, depending on your type of tickets, you’ll have additional perks included.

Check them here!

Are Merge ticket prices going up?

Certainly, the cost of Merge tickets rises as we approach the event date. Visit our website to check the remaining time for purchasing tickets at the current discounted rate.

Are there discounts for BDZ tickets?

Yes, Merge collaborates with various partners who offer discount codes for purchasing tickets at a more economical rate.

Explore our social media channels to uncover potential discounts!

Are the talks in Spanish or English?

English and Spanish will be the official languages at Merge Madrid 2024, ensuring an equal distribution of talks in both languages. You can check the Congress agenda to see the language in which each talk will be conducted

What is the content of the Congress and the talks?

On October 9th and 10th, immerse yourself in a two-day event featuring three stages, where you can indulge in insightful talks from the top experts in the ecosystem. Gain valuable insights from a business, legal, and technical perspective, delving into the latest technological advancements and the most significant success stories.

How many stages will there be at Merge?

Merge Madrid will feature three distinct stages: the Main Stage (with a capacity of 650 people) and two additional stages accommodating 200 people each. These stages will host various workshops aimed at providing attendees with hands-on experiences with the latest technology and products.

The stages will be organized based on specific topics, featuring dedicated stages for the Legal, the Technical and the Business Track.

Throughout the two-day Congress, simultaneous talks and sessions will take place across all three stages. Refer to our agenda to determine the room for each session!

How many attendees will there be?

At Merge 2024, we anticipate over 4,000 in-person participants who will be attending our event from October 8th to 10th

Is it B2B or B2C oriented?

Both. Merge Madrid will host specific activities for both B2B and B2C, allowing you to strategically plan your sales approach at the event.

If you are interested in B2B, you will have access to VIP Merge Experiences, Corporate Breakfast, VIP Lounge, 1:1 meetings, Previous intros via mail, among many others, providing unlimited opportunities to connect with your perfect lead.

If youre B2C, youll have access to a massive venue to launch your initiatives targeting the 4,000 attendees expected at Merge Madrid. Additionally, if youre seeking the Developer community, youll find them at the Hackathon and on the Tech Stage – theyll be ready and waiting for you!

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