Tournament MergeMadridChains


The purpose of the #MergeMadridChains tournament is to identify and recognize the most active communities in the crypto space. We aim to highlight the commitment and participation of those groups that significantly contribute to the development of the ecosystem.

With this tournament, we want not only to give visibility to our event, Merge Madrid, but also to reward the most active communities for their commitment and contributions to the ecosystem.

Organization, Rules, and Prizes:

The tournament is being organized by the Merge Madrid team.

If you have any questions, we will be available on our Telegram channel. Take the opportunity to join to be present and participate in future raffles that we hold there.

A total of 34 blockchains will compete for the title of the best community.

The communities are divided into groups of 17 EVMs and 17 non-EVMs.

The competition rounds will be conducted through voting using platform X.

The winning communities will receive the prizes detailed in the table below:

  • 1st place: 20 tickets + 30 min workshop @ Merge Madrid.
  • 2nd place: 10 tickets + 15 min workshop @ Merge Madrid.
  • 3rd and 4th place: 5 tickets each.
  • 5th to 8th place: 2 tickets each.
  • All participating chains: 1 ticket each.
Competition Dates:

The tournament will start on May 8th, and the first poll for voting will be published.

The winning community will be announced on Wednesday, June 12th.


The tournament is open to all who are interested in participating.

The GROUP STAGE will be divided into 8 groups, 4 EVMs and 4 non-EVMs.

Group A:

Group A

Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BSC

Group B:

Group B

Celo, Ethereum, Evmos, Fantom

Group C:

Group C

Gnosis, Linea, Optimism, Polygon

Group D:

Group D

Scroll, Tron, zkSync Era, Zora, Ronin

Group E

Group E

Acala, Algorand, Aptos, Bitcoin

Group F

Group F

Cardano, Celestia, CosmosHub, ICP, MultiversX

Group G

Group G

Near, Osmosis, Polkadot, Solana

Group H

Group H

Starknet, Stellar, Tezos, Venom

Tournament Knockout Stage:
<p>The participant who receives the most votes will be ranked first.</p> <p>Starting on May 8th, a new pool for a new group will open every 2 days in the order from A to H.</p> <p>The start and end dates for voting for each group are as follows:</p>
Group Start of Voting End of Voting
A May 8 May 10
B May 10 May 12
C May 12 May 14
D May 14 May 16
E May 16 May 18
F May 18 May 20
G May 20 May 22
H May 22 May 24

Each group will have 48 hours for voting.


The same rules will apply; each group will have 48 hours to vote. Thus, the first voting session will open on May 27th, and the last will close on June 4th.

Quarterfinals Start of Voting End of Voting
Encounter E1
May 27 May 29
Encounter E2
May 29 May 31
Encounter E3
May 31 June 2
Encounter E4
June 2 June 4

The same rules will apply; each group will have 48 hours to vote. Thus, the first voting session will open on May 27th, and the last will close on June 4th.

Semifinal Start of Voting End of Voting
Semifinal 1
Winner of Encounter E1 vs. Winner of Group E2
June 5 June 7
Semifinal 2
Winner of Encounter E3 vs. Winner of Group E4
June 7 June 9
La Grand Finale
Grand Finale Start of Voting End of Voting
June 10 June 12
Tournament MergeMadridChains
Tournament MergeMadridChains
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